Writing Grant Proposals Class

Develop and package convincing and hard-hitting grant proposals that will sell your organization’s capabilities and meet the needs of the funding organization.

Intro to Nonprofit Fundraising

A 6 hour bootcamp that teaches the the basic foundation of developing a nonprofit organization and the fundamentals of fundraising, grants and donations.

Media Training

TAKE THIS COURSE   Focusing on the message and Stakeholder Consideration Target Audience and Crafting Messages for your target Message Development and Content Delivery Tactics for Media and Framing your story angle Strategy and Methods of Engagement On air appearance with an organic focus on facial expression and body language and nonverbal gestures such as […]

Public Relations 101

This course examines the elements of the public relations, event promotion and the marketing process for small businesses

Research Driven

Successful Grant Writing classes for nonprofits


Compelling Communications Strategist


Well Respected Advocate


Innovative tactics and techniques to build solid reputations globally


Ivy K Pendleton is an award winning public relations, communications and marketing strategist for Nonprofits, Corporations, and the international sector for Private Sector Partnerships and Foreign Investments. Ivy offers education, training and business development at several colleges and universities and has authored three books in the "Good Girls Guide" Public Relations series.

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